‘Firies’ Song’ was written by Melbourne singer-songwriter Les Thomas on the 31st of December, 2019 while this summer’s horrific bushfires were at their peak in Southern NSW and Far Eastern Victoria. What started with a few simple lines of verse, has grown into an authorised volunteer firefighters fundraising track, expressing deep gratitude and admiration for the work being done on the front lines.

‘Firies’ Song’ will be available as a single on all digital platforms and airit.org.au from Friday, 14 February. The officially approved fundraising period (Registration Number AA049) extends until 9 May, 2020.All proceeds from the song will go to The Trustee for Country Fire Authority & Brigades Donations Fund. 

Click HERE for Donations Fund page. 

“I’m hoping as many firies hear this song as possible, because I know I’m not the only person who feels profoundly grateful for the sacrifices they make to keep people safe. In a lot of ways they exemplify the best of us in their generosity, courage and commitment and we I feel we need to honour that now more than ever”, says Les Thomas.

“If this song can help celebrate their contribution and be part of inspiring people to rightly donate to firefighting services, it will have fully achieved its purpose. As we sing in the chorus: We’re glad you’re here.”“During this bushfire crisis, a lot of us have asked what can we do to help? So I’m especially proud to have worked with such a dedicated team in bringing this song to life. Brooke Russell, Damian Cafarella, Lachlan Dorse, Justin Bernasconi and Christopher Sprake have all generously and thoughtfully donated their time and exceptional talents without hesitation.”

Firies’ Song – out 14th February 2020 
Written, recorded and produced by Les Thomas
Mixed and mastered by Christopher Sprake

Les Thomas: voice and acoustic guitar
Brooke Russell: harmony vocals
Damian Cafarella: bass, Nashville guitar, drums and additional percussion
Justin Bernasconi: electric guitar
Lachlan Dorse: Piano