It’s time we ended the stigma of depression

Robin Williams’s death has prompted an avalanche of comment about depression and suicide, most of which has been sympathetic, celebrating what he generously gave the world through his art, but some of it has been blindly judgmental. When depression is ignorantly derided as a bad lifestyle choice, being too left wing according to Rush Limbaugh, and suicide is branded cowardice on major news outlets, it’s very clear that the stigma

“Budget Reply (Hey Joe)”: A song to bust the budget to be released, Monday, June 23

“Budget Reply (Hey Joe)” by Les Thomas is Australia’s first musical response to Joe Hockey’s deeply unpopular 2014 Budget. The song is a direct and witty protest against cuts targeted at the young, the unemployed, the elderly, Indigenous programs, Medicare, education, science and the environment, all with a catchy earworm of a chorus. The release is especially timely with polls showing three out of four Australians feel they will be

Seeking not-for-profit/fundraiser gigs in France and England, July 2014

Dear friends, I’ll be visiting France and England for the first time this July with my family. Though the main reason for the trip is to visit friends and relations, it would be crazy not to line up some small, strictly not-for-profit or fundraiser shows with all proceeds to refugee advocacy or similar causes. I know London and Paris have significant Tamil communities and given that a lot of my

Hey Joe, don’t you know? You’re gonna hear our budget reply!

Last Sunday saw the first large protests against Joe Hockey’s disgraceful first (and hopefully last) budget and I was very happy to be able to perform “Budget Reply” which was written the day after the budget was delivered. Of course, no one that I know expected kindness from the Abbott government, as they’d been making a huge amount of noise into the lead up, but the aggression of stripping social

A march of a thousand miles begins with a single step

  Three days on from March in March and I’m still buzzing from the experience. In the last 19 years I’ve probably been to more rallies than polite company would tolerate, but there are a number of things that make March in March significantly different and inspiring. The first is that fact that it was organised by people with no previous experience, but they understood the need for action beyond